Writing Consultation

If you’d like personalized, detailed feedback on every aspect of your writing, writing consultation is the most personal and comprehensive level of editing we offer. Amanda will collaborate with you on your writing project, beginning with either a book plan or a manuscript review, and will review your draft chapter by chapter, editing extensively (and explaining the reasoning behind every suggestion) so you can learn the principles behind the craft of clear, authentic, reader-centered writing – and take your writing to the next level. Writing consultation is usually accompanied by a weekly phone call or Skype meeting (per the client’s schedule) to review the recommendations in detail. The result is a polished manuscript, and one-on-one training to help you produce a bestseller-quality book. Writing consultation also includes writing accountability as needed (described below). To learn more, e-mail Amanda at amanda@split-seed.com.

Price: $125 per hour

Writing Accountability

Have you begun writing your book but just can’t seem to finish? An accountability partner may be exactly what you need. This includes e-mailing weekly writing assignments to keep you accountable to your goals and regular reviews of what you’ve written to make sure you’re on track. There’s no better feeling than completing your first draft – and writing accountability can make that happen. The prerequisite for writing accountability is either a manuscript review (if you have a completed first draft) or a book plan (if you don’t). To learn more, e-mail Amanda at amanda@split-seed.com.

Price: $99 per month