When authors first begin working with us, we’ve noticed that most tend to fall into one of four categories:

1. They think they have an idea that could become a book or a purpose-driven business, but they aren’t sure how to start or what process to follow to make their idea an income-producing reality.

2. They’ve begun writing their first draft, but they got stuck in the writing process because their core message, purpose/benefit of the book, or specific ideas need more clarification.

3. They’ve completed the manuscript, but they haven’t yet developed a larger platform or marketing funnel where the book plays a clear role in selling their highest value offerings, so the manuscript isn’t clearly focused on readers’ needs and requires significant (and often unexpected) revision.

4. They know without a doubt how the book connects to their deepest sense of purpose AND how the book fits in the funnel of fully serving others from that sense of purpose – and with our guidance, easily steam through the writing, publishing, and marketing process.

We believe every author can get to that fourth category. We also believe it’s best to get that clarity of purpose and platform strategy BEFORE you start writing your manuscript – and then refining further afterwards.

With SplitSeed author coaching, you’ll work directly with Ben and Amanda through the full process of creating a purpose-based business that generates both income and significance, where a book is just one part. The journey has four phases:

1. Clarify Your Purpose through Your Life Story

Many times we avoid or ignore the painful parts of our life in an effort to “focus on the positive” and “keep moving forward.” However, just like a seed must first rupture and die in order to live its purpose and bear fruit, deep pain almost always precedes deep purpose. It’s human to want to avoid pain, but if we want to live a life of ongoing growth and purpose, we must find the courage to face our pain, discern its meaning, and embrace it as part of our life story.

In this first phase of author coaching, you’ll systematically share the major events of your life, both internal and external, in a confidential and compassionate setting—your places of pain, joy, success, failure, meaning, and confusion. We’ll help you look at your personal life as an adventure story, together discerning the meaning of past and current pain points, identifying the places of deepest transformation, and synthesizing seemingly divergent interests to clarify your unique purpose and path. We’ll also help you craft a clear core message that can become the seed of your intellectual property and your purpose-based business.

2. Create a “Purpose Stream” from Your Core Message

We love this phrase our business coach, Dr. Danny Friedland, shared with us. Purpose-driven business owners want more than just an income stream; they want a purpose stream of ongoing opportunities to grow in significance AND generate an abundant income stream for themselves and those they care about. Based on your core message from phase 1, we’ll help you create an income-producing online business to serve others from your deepest sense of purpose. Together we’ll develop an integrated funnel of products and services that best fit your vision, gifts, and what your target clients want to buy; detailed outlines for each; and a step-by-step action plan.

3. Write Your Book

In our experience, writing a book is the best way to clarify your ideas and unique intellectual property. It also can be a key product in your marketing funnel to establish trust with potential clients and expand your impact. If a book is part of your product funnel, we offer personalized manuscript development services to help you create a book that clearly shares your core message, fits into your overall business strategy, and creates lasting connections with readers:

Book writing plans and accountability

Custom writing coaching


Manuscript reviews

All levels of manuscript editing

Publishing consultation

4. Execute Your Strategy and Create Your Purpose-Based Business

Now it’s time to put your plan into action. We’ll help you identify your personal productivity style, design your space and schedule to maximize productivity and creative flourishing, and keep you accountable to executing your platform strategy step by step over time, connecting you to trusted support service providers as needed, so you can make your purpose-based business a reality.

All four coaching phases include regular video calls, detailed assignments and accountability, and concierge coaching throughout the project timeline. Price and timeline are individually customized according to the results you need.

So, where are you in this process? What kind of support do you need to clarify your purpose, share your message, create products and services people want to buy, and flourish as a creative professional? To learn more, just e-mail us at info@split-seed.com to schedule a free consult.

We would love to join you on your journey!


Amanda and Ben Rooker