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Element 8: Rest

Have you ever felt guilty or ashamed of not producing enough as a writer?

Hi, this is Amanda Rooker, Executive Editor at SplitSeed, and today’s tip is the final tip in our series on the creative process. It is Element 8: rest. Ideas that grow are meant to be shared. So if you have gone through the process of growing your idea into the form of a book and sharing that book—that idea—so that it can bear good fruit in the lives of others, you’ve earned a well-deserved rest.

Now that time of rest may vary from writer to writer. Some writers just need a couple of weeks off before new ideas start growing again. Some writers need a couple of months. Some need a year, and some need more than a year. It all depends on the kind of person you are, the kinds of ideas you tend to grow, and how much energy they take out of you as they are growing within you. The same is true in the natural world. The season of winter may look barren, but actually the plants or the trees are just saving up energy until the time comes for them to be fruitful again.

So if you are in this period of rest after you’ve produced your idea and published it and shared it, just know that rest doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing. You can still incorporate some of the elements of the creative process into your life so that you know that you will be ready to receive those ideas when they come to you. Remember to spend plenty of time with the Source (the sun for your ideas). Remember to incorporate the element of water, of taking care of yourself. Also remember to spend time in the garden—to spend plenty of time in your imagination to notice what seeds are there and might be ready to grow. So the next time an idea plants itself in your imagination, you’ll be much better at recognizing it and tending it and allowing it to grow according to the rhythm and schedule it needs than you were the first time.

This concludes our series on the Eight Elements of the Creative Process. Just to review: Element 1 is the garden, or your imagination. Element 2 is the seed, or your idea itself. Element 3 is the sun, or the Source of energy for your ideas. Element 4 is water, or self-care. Element 5 is weeding, or removing negative beliefs. Element 6 is pruning, or revising your manuscript. Element 7 is harvesting, or sharing your book with others. And Element 8 is rest.

If this series was helpful to you, I hope that you’ll share it with the writers that you know.