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How do you know when it is time to publish your manuscript?

Hi, this is Amanda Rooker, Executive Editor at SplitSeed, and today’s writing tip is Element 7 in the creative process: harvest and share the produce. One of the true joys of gardening is that after your long work of nurturing your plants in the garden, you get to share the harvest with the ones that you love. You get to share it with family, with friends, with neighbors—you get to share your abundance with the people who can really benefit from it. And the same is true with the writing process. Once you finish your book, we all have the joy of sharing our idea so it can bear fruit in the lives of others.

Now, how does the gardener know when it is time to harvest? To put it simply, it is when what they see in their garden matches what they saw on the seed packet that they bought when they planted those seeds in the first place. And the same is true for the writing process. When the experience of reading our manuscript matches the experience of seeing the image we saw at the beginning of the process, we know it is time to share it. Before we share it, however, we definitely need to pull in a team of people to partner with us to share it in the best way possible so that it is easy for our readers to access. And that will involve bringing together professional copyeditors, proofreaders, interior designers, cover designers, e-book formatters, printers, distributors – everything you need to polish and produce and distribute your book so it is easy for your readers to find and to buy. There are many ways to publish, but that is not really the focus of this tip. What’s important to know is how to recognize the point in the creative process where you bring in your team to publish. You know it’s time to publish when you read your manuscript, and you see that image clearly reflected back to you that initially inspired you to go through all of this work in the first place. So, Element 7 of the creative process is harvest and share the produce.

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