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When you are working on your creative projects, do you find yourself using only your brain and forget that you also have a body?

Hi, this is Amanda Rooker, Executive Editor at SplitSeed, and today’s writing tip is the fourth in our series on the eight elements of the creative process. And today’s element is water.

But first, I’d like to back up a little bit and review the first three elements of the creative process, because today with the fourth element we are making a bit of a shift. Element 1 was spend time in the garden. Element two was the seed of your idea. Element three was the sun, or spending time with the source.

Now each of those elements were primarily about being. They are either about noticing something, receiving something, or just basking in the presence of something. They weren’t much about doing. With element number four, we are making a shift into doing, which may be a relief to some of you.

Back to the fourth element, which is water. In a garden, plants need water almost more than anything else. And this is something that the gardener has complete control over. It is up to the gardener how much water the plants get. Water, for us as creative thinkers and as writers, includes the self-care practices that we do to take care of our bodies, because our body, our mind, and our spirit are all connected. They all support each other. As we are writing, we can’t forget about our body, even as we use our mind and our spirit.

Self-care practices include exercise, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, spending time with friends—all of those things that take care of yourself that begin with the body and then extend out to support your mind and spirit as well. For the creative process, getting enough rest is so crucial. Spending social time with loved ones is important. And spending time away from your creative work is important.

So as you are working on your book, make sure that you remember that you are not just a brain, you also have a body, and your body fuels the kind of work that your brain is able to do. Element four of the creative process is water.

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