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Element 3: The Sun

Series: The 8 Elements of the Creative Process

Has developing a book-length idea taken a lot more work than you thought it would? Hi, this is Amanda Rooker, Executive Editor at SplitSeed. Today’s writing tip is the third in our series on the creative process. Today we’re going to talk about the sun, which is the source of our ideas, and which enables our ideas to keep growing and grow in the way they were intended to grow.

If you think about a physical garden, and if you’ve been following our tips so far, we have our plot of land, which is our imagination. We have the seed of the idea itself, which has come to us from a source outside of ourselves and is an idea that will grow beyond ourselves. The next element we need is the sun, and for the creative process, the sun is the source itself.

This is the point in the process where I am particularly tempted to just take my idea and run with it. After all, I have my imagination, and I have my book-length idea. As I get a vision of what that idea is, I tend to think it is up to me to make that idea happen, to write a book about it, to get it into print, to share it with others. A lot of the writers I work with feel that way as well. The truth is that we have another resource available to us that actually helps our ideas grow, so we don’t have to feel like we have to build them all by ourselves. And, that is our source, or our creator. You might call it God, or the universe, or inspiration, or a muse. But whatever you call it, we all need it every moment as we are trying to grow this idea, not just as a source of the idea itself. We need it to sustain us as we are developing this idea as well. So, once you have connected to the source to receive the idea in the first place, it is very important that as you continue to develop it, that you keep spending time with that source to allow your idea to grow in the way that it is supposed to grow.

This analogy with gardening, specifically how plants use the sun to grow, is really apt here, because there are certain plants love the shade; they don’t need too much time in the sun in order to grow. There are certain plants who love the sun and need lots of sun in order to grow. Our ideas are like that as well; every idea needs a different amount of time spent with the source to grow well. Also, every person is different, in terms of the amount of time he or she needs to spend with the source. It really is up to you as a creative thinker to figure out how much time in the source you need for your idea to grow well, and what kind of process you want to follow in order to connect with that source.

Last time we talked a little bit about a beginning process you can use to connect with the source, but the important point for this particular tip is to remember it is not enough to just connect once with that source, just to get the initial idea. You need to keep connecting with that source, basking in the light of the creator, of the universe, of God, of inspiration, of creativity, in order for that idea to keep growing and to keep yourself from the temptation of trying to build it yourself.

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