If you’re an author who is overwhelmed by the number of publishing options available to you, you’re not alone. The good news is that multiplying publishing options mean you’re all the more likely to find the perfect sharing platform for your book, no matter how much experience or how many followers you have. We believe that the future of publishing is authors directly connecting with readers, with the book being only one possible point of connection. More and more, readers don’t just want the book – they want the author.

In short, publishing is a means of relationship between the author and reader. Industry trends have proven that any publishing middleman who obstructs your connections with readers in any way simply will not survive. The right publishing model for you is the one that will enable you to connect more directly and more powerfully with the readers you serve than you could on your own.

Traditional publishing, hybrid publishing, assisted self-publishing, and establishing your own publishing company can all provide value, but each publishing model has its own costs and benefits. Amanda has helped authors publish with all four types of publishing platforms, and in an hour-long personal consultation by phone or Skype, she can help you evaluate your options through a detailed cost-benefit analysis in light of your publishing goals, platform, timeline, and budget, and help you decide which publishing model will help you best connect directly with your readers (rather than place obstacles in your way). If you submit a copy of your manuscript, she can offer feedback on what kind of revisions might be necessary to help you meet your publishing goals. To learn more, e-mail Amanda at amanda@split-seed.com.

Price: $199 with a manuscript, $99 without