Executive Editor Amanda Rooker often jokes that she has the “anti-business” degree: a bachelor’s degree in English from the College of William and Mary (with an editorial internship at the college’s Alumni magazine) and a Master of Divinity from Duke University Divinity School. But her background provided the perfect training for her particular entrepreneurial endeavor: how to use creative, effective, and personal communication to serve others. Before starting SplitSeed, she worked as an administrative assistant at a nonprofit, a writing tutor at Duke for master’s and doctoral-level students, a spiritual counselor for women struggling with identity and abuse issues, and even a brief stint as a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Amanda began freelance editing in 2007, on the edge of the explosion of independent publishing. When a friend asked her to edit a book he planned to self-publish, it began a crash course in discovering what authors really need in the changing landscape of publishing, and she became so enthusiastic about the possibilities of independent publishing that she voluntarily figured out how to do professional-level book development, copyediting, proofreading, and book design, and how to find the printing and distribution suppliers the big publishers also use. Her friend became the first of many authors seeking an editor, writing coach, and advocate to help them with their book development and editing before they submitted their manuscripts to publishers, to make sure their book was really worth publishing in a glutted marketplace.

Now, as Executive Editor of SplitSeed, Amanda helps authors assemble their perfect editorial team, whether they’re pursuing a six-figure advance from a major publisher, self-publishing their first book, or anything in between. In her personal projects, Amanda focuses on writing consultation, ghostwriting, and strategic book development for bestselling and high-potential authors, mostly in the topics of health & wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and how-to. (See client testimonials here.) As an international bestselling ghostwriter, she is known for going deep into author’s content and helping them develop proprietary processes that translate well into written form and change reader’s lives for the better. She lives with her husband, Ben Rooker, and their two sons in Yorktown, Virginia.

Feel free to contact Amanda at amanda@split-seed.com.