SplitSeed specializes in providing complete peace of mind for busy, high-profile, high-standard authors who need to know their book will be completed as well as or better than they could have done it themselves. Executive Editor Amanda Rooker began freelance editing in 2007, on the edge of the explosion of independent publishing. From the beginning, Amanda has worked solely for authors rather than publishers, always having their best interest in mind as they navigate their quickly multiplying publishing options, giving her a unique perspective in the industry.

With little advertising and primarily through word-of-mouth referrals, Amanda’s solo practice, Amanda Rooker Editing, has become SplitSeed, a full-service writing, editing, and publishing strategy company with three employees and a trusted network of twelve freelance writers, editors, and designers, many of whom also freelance for top-tier publishers and all of whom share her commitment to helping authors create top-quality, authentic, reader-centered books, no matter who they publish with or how many books they’ve published. With a team approach to editing, we specialize in helping thought leaders and speakers turn their passion and message into a book that connects powerfully with readers and changes lives for the better. Incorporating the power of story in nonfiction to build relationships with readers is a trademark technique of our book development process.

Our clients (now over 200 bestselling, entrepreneurial, and first-time authors) have published with Penguin Random House, Hachette, Wiley, Eerdmans, Morgan James Publishing, and various self-publishing platforms. We work best with authors who want to serve their readers well in our currently glutted literary marketplace, who are seeking to build long-term relationships with readers through their books and other services, who take a holistic view on work and life, and who believe doing good is good business (and vice versa). We love to learn in any field, but our favorite topics are business/entrepreneurship, health, parenting, work/life balance, mind/body/spirit, and especially the unexpected intersections of different fields (such as neuroscience and business strategy). We also love compelling stories, so we have been known to edit (and place) select fiction.

For more information, e-mail Amanda at amanda@split-seed.com.