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Are you thinking about writing a book or sharing your expertise in a new way?

Are you wondering if you can truly make a living from your deepest sense of purpose?

Over the past 10 years of helping hundreds of bestselling, entrepreneurial, and first-time authors write and publish their books, we’ve learned that the most successful authors don't just have a great book. They're clear about their purpose in life, know their book expresses that purpose, and understand how it's contributing to a larger vision of serving others.

Far beyond typical book writing and editing services, SplitSeed supports authors throughout the whole process of creating a content-based, purpose-fueled business:

1. Discovering the core meaning and message of your life story
2. Clarifying the DNA of your intellectual property through writing a book
3. Creating an author platform strategy to share your core message with others in a variety of ways
4. Executing your strategy to create a content-based business that serves others from your deepest self, creates abundant income, and allows you to flourish as a creative professional

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Element 8 of the Creative Process: Rest

Posted on Nov 12 by

Video Content: Element 8: Rest Have you ever felt guilty or ashamed of not producing enough as a writer? Hi, this is Amanda Rooker, Executive Editor at SplitSeed, and today’s tip is the final tip in our series on the creative process. It is Element 8: rest. Ideas that grow are meant to be shared. So if you have gone through the process of growing your idea into the form of a book and sharing that book—that idea—so that it can bear good fruit in the lives of others, you’ve earned a well-deserved rest. Now that time of rest may vary from writer to writer. Some writers just need a couple of weeks off before new ideas start growing again. Some writers need a couple of months. Some need a year, and some need more than a year. It all depends on the kind of person you are, the kinds of ideas you tend to grow, and how much energy they take out of you as they are growing within you. The same is true in the natural world....


Element 7 of the Creative Process: Harvesting

Posted on Sep 12 by

Video Content: How do you know when it is time to publish your manuscript? Hi, this is Amanda Rooker, Executive Editor at SplitSeed, and today’s writing tip is Element 7 in the creative process: harvest and share the produce. One of the true joys of gardening is that after your long work of nurturing your plants in the garden, you get to share the harvest with the ones that you love. You get to share it with family, with friends, with neighbors—you get to share your abundance with the people who can really benefit from it. And the same is true with the writing process. Once you finish your book, we all have the joy of sharing our idea so it can bear fruit in the lives of others. Now, how does the gardener know when it is time to harvest? To put it simply, it is when what they see in their garden matches what they saw on the seed packet that they bought when they planted those seeds in the first place. And the same is true...


Element 6 of the Creative Process: Pruning

Posted on Aug 7 by

Video Content: Have you ever wondered when the best time is to involve an editor in your writing process? Hi, this is Amanda Rooker, Executive Editor at SplitSeed, and today’s tip is number six in our series on the creative process. Element number six is pruning. If you have herbs or fruit trees in your garden, you know the importance of pruning. Herbs grow best when you pinch back the tops and allow the leaves to keep growing; otherwise they will quickly go to seed and stop investing their growth energy in producing the fruit or the produce that you want—which, in the case of herbs, is leaves. The same is true for fruit trees; it is important to prune excess branches off of fruit trees so they can shift their energy into growing the fruit rather than just using all of their growth energy into growing new branches. The same principle applies to us as we write books. We need to prune our writing in order to produce the best fruit in the form of our book. The...


Element 5 of the Creative Process: Weeding

Posted on Jul 24 by

Video Content: Are you in the thick of your writing process, but find yourself losing energy as you’re writing? Hi, I’m Amanda Rooker, Executive Editor at SplitSeed, and today’s writing tip is Element 5 in our series on the creative process. Element 5 is weeding. If you’ve been following our tips on the creative process, you might be wondering, When do I actually get to write? I’ve got all these different practices that I’m doing in my life, but none of them are actually about the writing process. What I usually tell writers is that you know you’re ready to start writing your first draft when you can see the concept of your book as a full, single image in your head. For some of you that image may have appeared right when you got the seed of the idea. In that instant, you could see the full picture of what your book was going to be about, in which case that would be a great time to start writing. For some of you, you might have received the...


Element 4 of the Creative Process: Water

Posted on Jul 17 by

Video Content: When you are working on your creative projects, do you find yourself using only your brain and forget that you also have a body? Hi, this is Amanda Rooker, Executive Editor at SplitSeed, and today’s writing tip is the fourth in our series on the eight elements of the creative process. And today’s element is water. But first, I’d like to back up a little bit and review the first three elements of the creative process, because today with the fourth element we are making a bit of a shift. Element 1 was spend time in the garden. Element two was the seed of your idea. Element three was the sun, or spending time with the source. Now each of those elements were primarily about being. They are either about noticing something, receiving something, or just basking in the presence of something. They weren’t much about doing. With element number four, we are making a shift into doing, which may be a relief to some of you. Back to the fourth element, which is water. In a...


Element 3 of the Creative Process: The Sun

Posted on Jun 19 by

Video Content: Element 3: The Sun Series: The 8 Elements of the Creative Process Has developing a book-length idea taken a lot more work than you thought it would? Hi, this is Amanda Rooker, Executive Editor at SplitSeed. Today’s writing tip is the third in our series on the creative process. Today we’re going to talk about the sun, which is the source of our ideas, and which enables our ideas to keep growing and grow in the way they were intended to grow. If you think about a physical garden, and if you’ve been following our tips so far, we have our plot of land, which is our imagination. We have the seed of the idea itself, which has come to us from a source outside of ourselves and is an idea that will grow beyond ourselves. The next element we need is the sun, and for the creative process, the sun is the source itself. This is the point in the process where I am particularly tempted to just take my idea and run with it. After...